…….Annnnnndddd, There Goes My Clutch.

After spending a metric ass load (1000 ass-loads= 1 fuckton) of money on my car’s suspension and various other knicknacks that keeps the car inline, I thought it was time to take a serious go at autocross. Well, guess what? The piece of shit thought differently, by blowing up what I thought was my clutch and the thermostat, respectively.

Unfortunately for that fucking piece of crap, the parts are fucking cheap and cost as much as the goddamn towing bill; and the motherfucker who is changing it has done the job so many times that it takes him 45 minutes to pull that bastard ass transmission down, fucker.

When I was waiting for my turn to go, I was allowing my car to get to temp, and the thermostat forgot to open up, which is not good. After taking the proper steps to quell the problem. I took a go at the track, finding that it’s cold as hell, and the tires couldn’t find grip. But no matter, the new suspension is keeping me sure footed; allowing the throttle to stay down. Here is what happened:

First gear,

*SHIFT* second gear,

“hey I might have to go all the way to third,”

*SHIFT* third gear,


Where the hell is second?……….

Where the hell is all the other gears?….

At this point, I was out. As my car petered to safety, two guys helped me pushed it out of the way. Unbeknownst to them, My car weighs as much as a Swedish supermodel during the “heroin chic” era, so we headed back into the pits around 55 mph.

As I sit in my useless, giant paperweight, I wait for the tow to take me home, so I plotted my revenge. Oh how sweet it will be, as I bought the parts to fix the crapbox. Then a wave of reality hit me, this car is kicking MY ass, not vice versa. I am like a addict looking for 8oz. of sweet Mexican black tar heroin. I spent alotta money keeping this thing running, I am now too indebted let it go to the junkyard. If the engine does die, I do have several spare (BIGGER) motors that is just hangin’ around doing nothin’, but it will require a fuckton (1 fuckton= 1000 assloads) of work and modifications.

When my car got it’s turn on the lift after all the parts had arrived, I realise that the clutch did not fail at all! The tail of the transmission some how unbolted itself and disconnected the driveshaft. But since the transmission was down, might as well change the clutch. Because, knowing that thing, the clutch will blow up in a blaze of fiery glory if it had it’s way.

After all was was said and done, what pissed me off the most of this week is that I missed the last autocross session of the season.

Fuck you, car.

Total money I have wasted instead of saving for my future children’s tuition:

$121.47 Hawk HP plus front brake pads

$245.00 ST suspension lowering springs

~$200 Front strut tower brace

$100 Battery

$300.00 Four Hankook Ventus evo K110

$288.00 All struts and shocks

$70 2 motor mounts and transmission mounts

$35 clutch slave cylinder

$120 Clutch

$40 Thermostat

$295 Hotchkis front anti roll bar

Total: $1814.47




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