Get a grip, man.

In motorsports, one of the most essential things is tires. No brainer right? They should be the only thing that connects your car to the road. Unless you are having fireworks display that uses your dragging muffler as a giant sparkler, in that case, awesome.

Numb old tires are like a well used eraser on the end of a pencil, you can use it for a little longer, but soon your gonna tear the page with the metal cap. Or in the car’s case, the rim of the wheel itself, lending it to another spectacular sparkler display again. Add the muffler and then bring the kids!

Well. Finding yourself at the metal cap is not a good prospect. After I got my shitcan running, my wife and would take it to stupid little trips around town. Because it’s a convertible and it lends itself to something of a more natural state that gives it a sense of romance. To me, it’s a car that will kill you if you flip it, because the malleability of cloth is higher than that of steel.

After popping the tires and replacing them with grippy street tires. It was time to go racing, my first autocross in two to three years. Guess what? When you replace all your tires and are using suspension parts that are old as the car, you will blow them on the skid pad. Yes, this was a lesson that I learnt the hard way. Also, another pro tip, when you blow the front struts you will use the rage you have to blow the rear shocks for good measure also, because “stop racing” isn’t an option unless the car is on fire. After exceeding the suspension life, I decide to go on home, bouncy as all get out but home none the less. I knew the suspension was gonna give, so I took upon myself to order new shock absorbers for the whole car the day I discovered that the suspension was going to fail, my timing was poor, because the race date was two days after that.  Although it did give me something to rage quit on, that was fun AND bouncy!

Well, the struts and shocks arrived and I had those lowering spring hanging out at home. So I decided how much body roll could be eliminated.  After two long nights at the shop installing the front and rear equipment, the performance of the car had exceed my expectations. It is flat everywhere.  In the straights under acceleration, flat. Under brakes, flat. Under slow turns, flat. Fast turns, flat, which gives it to the next advantage: you can leave your foot fully on the gas, barring any potential oversteer. It also stiff, which is an understatement.  I can now tell you which roads are truly smooth and level versus the more hastily complete pieces of tarmac, hint they are all hastily done if they are done at all. I will be send the bill from my back specialist to Richmond city and Henrico county for shotty worksmanship.

So why do all suspension work? Well you see, I bought new tires and I want to use all of the performance of the tire, like I said it should be the only thing touching the road at all time. When the car shifts under the suspension working each tire either gains or loses more weight load. The whole purpose of changing all of this stuff is to make the tire loads as even as possible.  So you can use all the tire, hence all of your money. We are all capitalists at the end, right?

Total money I have wasted instead of saving for my future children’s tuition:

$121.47 Hawk HP plus front brake pads

$245.00 ST suspension lowering springs

~$200 Front strut tower brace

$100 Battery

$300.00 Four Hankook Ventus evo K110

$288.00 All struts and shocks


Total: $1254.47


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