What in the hell did I get myself into?

Well, you know what they say about having the right kind of people around you will shape your success? What if your success was also tied to an object? Say a car? Or my case, several cars. Let me start by introducing myself. I am Naseam, many of you will mispronounce it. I have a wife of now three years, her name is Melissa, and in lieu of getting another motorcycle, I am allowed to racing.

What a dumb-fuck idea. This all started about two and half years ago, I got into my first go kart and actually participated in my first legal race. I weighed in at 300 lbs, so it’s safe to say I lost by a pretty large margin, Ayrton Senna I was not. But, the drug had been administered. Like a speed freak, I found myself trying to get my next fix, and I found myself in my version of a meth lab: my dad’s shop. My old man isn’t what you call a people person, I guess I get that from him, but he has been a Mercedes Benz mechanic for 30 years. So he had some useful tools that I could use to my advantage.

Ok, now I can do that.  But back then he and I had a falling out, so this was mostly done outside my home. Where my psychopathic neighbor’s parrot screams her terrible sound of squawks and very kid friendly racist rants delightfully over the whole neighborhood. My 1997 BMW Z3 would become the laboratory for my experiments, it was horrible treated before I had my hands on it. I got it when I was in college. Let’s just say six quarts of Royal Purple does not make a race car. I started to autocross it with a borrowed helmet and bad tires, I did hit all the marks but didn’t have the traction or the chassis to make any speed on the straights. Now it sits in envy of my Mercedes, a big 2001 S430, because I am married and it’s no longer cool to drive that BMW while being 6’2″, in public, outside of an autocross track.  

Today finds my hobby in a happier condition, I found myself with the right crowd and my derelict BMW finds itself in new life. Money also helps. I was studying Biochemistry at my university when I graduated, and it is a great segue to becoming a Mercedes mechanic. I couldn’t find a job as a biochemist, so I started to work for my old man. The hours are better and I am in no way trying to rationalize my inability to find a job in Science Lab. But, I do get paid better than most of my former colleagues, so it’s not a total wash. My new crowd is a ragtag group of Mechanical Engineers, an Environmental Scientist and 3D Artist who I have the privilege of knowing for most my teenage years and all of my adult life.I found myself in the major I wanted to study, which is Mechanical Engineering. Also, my group of friend and I are entering a 24 race with another real shitbox, 1980 somethin’ BMW 528e. 

Total money I have wasted instead of saving for my future children’s tuition:

$121.47 Hawk HP plus front brake pads

$245.00 ST suspension lowering springs

~$200 Front strut tower brace 

Total: $566.47



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